Rehearsal Songs now on PCO


We have made some changes lately on how we provide you with the rehearsal songs for Sunday. We are uploading them to PCO. This is a great way to keep information for Sunday concise and in one place. The best thing about this is that you will be now be able to listen to the rehearsal songs from your phone, giving you mobile access to them! Songs are usually uploaded on Thursday mornings after rehearsals.

Below are instructions on how to access and play songs from PCO:

  • Login to PCO.
  • Go to the plan for the upcoming Sunday.*
  • Hover over the “rehearse” link in the upper right of the plan.pic-1
  • Click on “media player”. (this will bring up a window with a list of songs).pic-2
  • The top section of songs will be the songs from rehearsal.
  • That’s it, you are now ready to prepare for Sunday.

* You will only be able to access songs to plans for which you are scheduled.

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